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To achieve both the vision and the mission, Goldiran, as one the most prominent active holding companies in IRAN ,seeks ways to build up a profound yet sustainable relation with its reputable international business partners.

Goldiran’s most prominent business partners

Given the fact that Goldiran has always attempted to opt the best business partners, LG, as one of the leading brands in the field of home appliances acted as Goldiran’s business partner over the past thirty years.

LG launched its activities more than seventy years ago. For the time being, it possesses 71 subsidiaries among which only 16 operate in the sector related to electrical products. The management center of this gigantic holding company is based in LG twin towers known as TWIN TOWERS in Seoul. An innovative company, LG has always introduced groundbreaking innovations and improved at an incredibly high pace, particularly when it comes to home appliances. Last but not least, LG is recognized as one of the top five leading companies in the field of after-sales service.

Having cooperation with this world-class brand, Goldiran succeeded to modify and enhance the after-sale service culture in Iran, thanks to applying and observing the latest international standards in the way of serving the consumers.

The Gplus is the Goldiran brand in the field of home appliances and home entertainment that has just entered the electronics market. The Gplus considers the Iranian market as the start of its activities and is trying to reach international borders in the near future. With advanced technology, competitive pricing and modern design, Gplus has been trying to cover new market segments. As part of Goldiran's 30-year knowledge and experience, Gplus is going to offer a value beyond the product to its customers, in addition to guaranteeing product quality, offering unique after-sales services and creating a distinct experience in the purchase. In other words, with the introducing Gplus, Goldiran plans to provide an appropriate response to customers who are looking for a products with quality, world class after-sales service and value-honored product.

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