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Goldiran has been around in the Iranian people's houses for some three decades and managed to stand the test of time.

Almost every Iranian individual has been in touch with Goldiran to get information about audio/video devices, big home appliances, mobile phones, air conditioner or air purifier. It is worth to mention there's always a great number of major enterprises and business owners at the negotiation table to purchase commercial display and digital sign ages, commercial air conditioners and etc.

Since the very first day, We have been focusing on one goal: to improve the Iranian's living standard. It was not easy at all but we nailed it by:

  Offering state-of-the-art products in the field of home appliances and audio/video equipment. We know Iranians have always been seeking the latest technologies in the world and that is what we focused on.

  Setting up a widespread nationwide distribution network and enabling our customer the easiest access to what they look for.

  Providing customers with constant world-class support and after-sales service.

Through all these years, Goldiran, formerly a small company, has grown into a big family. With more than 5 million direct customers and around 2800 direct employees across the country, Goldiran Holding is now considered to be a proud national brand. The brand which has redefined "after-sales service" standards in Iran. Besides, Thousands of highly educated young workforce consider Goldiran as their idea destination of their career path.




To enhance the Iranian people’s quality of life by providing them with the opportunity to take advantage of the up-to-the-minute technology in the world.



  Best value chain of supply, production, distribution, and after-sales service of consumer electronics.

  Highest brand reliability in customers’ and stakeholders’ perception.

  Sustainable relationship with local and international business partners.

  Highest market share by expanding sales channels both in local and international market.

  Apply the latest business methods and technology.

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  No.1, Rezvan Alley, Rose st., Mokhaberat St., Bakeri Hwy (South Bound), Hemmat Hwy (West Bound), Tehran, Iran

  021 - 84733



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