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Over the past three decades, Goldiran is honored to state that it has achieved a priceless asset, the people’s trust. Godiran enjoys a close relationship with both Iranian households and almost all the sellers active in the field of audio video equipment. To present innovative and scientific solutions and to promote the brand and products, effective advertising campaigns have been launched. Besides, sheer number of examinations, which are in compliance with national and international standards, are being carried out with regard to safety, performance, energy consumption of the products, and enhancing their quality. The reputation gained all through these years among people, sellers, and the market is a priceless treasure to us. To maintain this asset, we will put our sufficient effort, and every day we will be more determined to elevate our diligence.

:Goldiran activities are categorized in three major classes


All these measures are taken aiming at gaining the satisfaction of two groups of customers namely consumers and B2B.

Production and Procurement


Procurement: diverse departments including commercial department, supply chain, marketing department, and financial department which are based in Goldiran headquarter deal with this activity .The aforementioned departments are in charge of negotiating with internationally recognized brands and providing the required conditions so that they enter the internal market.

Production: Goldiran has a wealth of experience in the field of producing home appliances and audio video equipment. Factories equipped with high-tech production lines in different regions of the country are operating to produce a wide variety of products such as television, refrigerator, washing machine, to name but a few. Apart from creating an opportunity to transfer contemporary technologies in the country, these factories have created numerous job opportunities for Iranian job seekers and have improved employment.

Two major sites, one located in Sirjan (with a total surface area of more than fourteen hectares, 70 thousand square meters administrative-manufacturing floor area, including factories producing television, electronic boards, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator and freezer) and the other called Caspian in Qazvin (with a total surface area of more than 50 thousand square meters and more than 30 thousand square meters administrative-manufacturing floor area including factories producing washing machine with annual production capacity of 600000 devices) are considered to be the most prominent manufacturing divisions of Goldiran.


Sales and distribution network


Of great significance in the value chain of every business is distribution network. Focusing on this issue, Goldiran is currently managing beyond 600 stores and showrooms nationwide. The high number of stores and the establishment of these stores in the key zones of the city have vastly facilitated consumer’s access to the products. Moreover, thanks to having more than 20 exclusive stores under the registered brand of Goldiran Plus across the country, not only can customers take advantage of professional counselling service as well as an opulent ambiance, but also an unforgettable experience will be recorded in their mind.

Goldiran Logistic, as one of the wings of goldiran group, plays a paramount role in the movement and storage of goods. Possessing a great deal of hardware equipment, advanced software capabilities, and mechanized warehouses in Tehran and other provinces has unfolded the possibility to do the logistic operation in the soonest and most accurate way possible from the clearance point to goldiran warehouses, stores, and eventually consumers’ houses (home delivery). to meet the high demand, and to maximize the efficiency of warehousing services, Goldiran has constructed the biggest and most advanced multi-storey warehouse which is first-of-its-kind in the Middle East. Yaghut (Ruby in English) warehouse has more than 40000 square meter total surface, and 60000 cubic meters actual physical capacity which makes simultaneous loading and unloading possible for 20 trailers.


Counselling, Support, and After-sale Service


Goldiran is known for its long-standing experience in the field of providing customers with support, and after-sale service of the products ranging from home appliances, audio video equipment and commercial systems and is considered to be both innovative and leading in this regard. With more than 1000 nationwide customer support centers (24/7), equipped with the most advanced communication systems, expert technicians with up-to-the-minute knowledge, Goldiran is considered to be a model company in after-sale service. Besides, supplying spare parts in the soonest possibility, delivering the products directly to the customer’s house (home delivery) and  training the users, to name just a few, are among the services offered by Goldiran.


Accredited Laboratories and R&D Center


Goldiran Research center and standard colleague labs network launched its activities in 2011 in the field of power and electronic. Having run the digital television lab, this center aims at providing lab services in the field of performance, TV signal reception and digital reception with DVB-T and DVB-T2 function.    

This center managed to develop its scope of activities by developing and running safety department, performance department, and home appliances energy consumption based on the relevant national and international standards.

Currently, this center, as an approved lab with accreditation certificate according to the standard ISO/IEC 17025, along with the colleague laboratory of institute of standard and industrial research of Iran, and Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) of The I.R. of Iran, is ready to serve the manufacturing companies, importers, technical inspection companies and other applicants.


Vision Advertising Agency


This company is one of the subsidiaries of Goldiran holding company that specializes in providing marketing and advertising services. Ideation, design, and implementation of 360-degree marketing campaigns in both online and offline platforms are the company main areas of expertise. The launched projects such as setting up successful digital campaigns, running eye-catching teasers, designing artistic templates,and holding opulent seminars and news conferences all reflect the rewarding experience of this company in the field of advertising.


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